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Matthew Rollinson – Director, LiCa Scientific


At SBIC We have been busy forging links with Trafford College Group and were delighted when one of our customers, Stephen Dootson from Gander approached us too.

Stephen explained, ‘From 2019, all students in secondary education must be provided with two employer engagement opportunities each academic year. This is extremely resource intensive for colleges so the Gander programme was designed to bring education and business together in Stockport to support and develop local students in preparation for their future careers.’

Stephen is based here in the centre and we spread the word for him. Matthew, founder of LiCa Scientific and Chelsea, Head of Marketing for both Trust and Culture Shift answered the call to get involved.

LiCa’s founder Matthew went off to the college to talk to A Level students about time poverty. Something which resulted in him starting his own business and he is very passionate about. You only need to read LiCa’s story on our website to understand that!

Matthew explains, ‘Crucially, I do think that showing ‘another way’ to those who think that the only route to success is 50 hours a week in an office, is always a story worth telling! As anyone who has spent 15 minutes with me will know, this is a subject close to my heart. I described how, by using business modelling, the best available technology, management of time and resources and also cultural factors, that a very successful business can be established and efficiently flourish in a highly competitive market.

I was encouraged by the questions asked, it was clear that the students were very switched onto concept’s like Customer Value Propositions, Customer Modelling and Market Access. They have very bright futures in the world of business. I look forward to the next time!’

Obviously you don’t have to be based here at SBIC to get involved, contact Gander and they’ll be delighted to explain more…….