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Students were invited to demonstrate their prowess as new Entrepreneurs mentored by Steve Oliver, Managing Director of Music Magpie to raise funds for Seashell Trust, a charity based in Stockport.

The students created a ‘Pop Up Shop’ selling refreshments to students and guests during college and open days. It included a mobile phone re-sale facility where students were encouraged to bring in their old mobile phones which were then assessed for refurbishment, a value negotiated and profits were added to refreshment sales to make a grand total raised in the month of £255 which was donated to Seashell Trust. The students wanted the donation to help towards Seashell Trust’s aspirations for young people to have access to the same opportunities as others, including sport. As the students raising the money also have some interest in sport they felt this was an appropriate use of the money raised. CADS (Children’s Able and Disabled Sport) is their award-winning sports programme where children, irrespective of their disability, can participate in a wide range of sports alongside their non-disabled friends. As well as enabling young disabled people to try out a variety of sports, it is often the only opportunity for disabled children to enjoy sport with their non-disabled siblings, friends or parents.