Gander arranged for Cheadle and Marple Campus ITC students to visit the Sharp Project in North Manchester. The twofold purpose of the visit was to attend a seminar on ‘How to Build a Website’ from Mark and Justin Blackwood from Stockport, whose company Digital Next is a web, graphic and content marketing organisation which began 4 years ago and has now grown to 18 employees with offices in the USA and Australia. This was combined with a tour of the Sharp Project facility which houses tech, media, graphics and TV/Radio production companies. The students were split into 2 groups to allow each group to experience the 2 aspects of the visit back to back.

Website building is included in the current IT curriculum and students were given a 1 hour presentation on how Digital Next create a project to build a new website for a client from concept to construction to delivery. In the meantime the 2nd group of students were taken on a guided tour of the facility being introduced to many of the companies who work within the facility which was once a production facility and warehouse for Sharp Electronics in the 1980’s and 90’s.

The tour and web building has since been repeated at Aquinas college on 3 occasions with all the heads of department being delighted with the success of each visit.