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Case Studies

Confidence in achieving aspirations is ‘on the up’ with our students.

Through a series of sessions and workshops, On The Up, have helped young people discover their strengths and feel more confident about achieving their aspirations. We asked Julia Wolfdendale, Director of On The Up Consulting Ltd about her experience during these sessions and why, as a business owner, it’s important to support your local area and youth aspiration.

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A day at College sharing my marketing experience

 Chelsea Maher (ACIM) Head of Marketing at Trust and Culture Shift This week I was lucky enough to be asked to go over to Aquinas College in Stockport and give presentations to 80 students as part of their Applied Business course. They were in their 2nd year of the...

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Music Magpie Young Entrepreneurs

Students were invited to demonstrate their prowess as new Entrepreneurs mentored by Steve Oliver, Managing Director of Music Magpie to raise funds for Seashell Trust, a charity based in Stockport. The students created a ‘Pop Up Shop’ selling refreshments to students...

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