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Gander Careers

Gander Careers was created in 2014 to create and further links between Stockport Businesses and Further Education Colleges. Gander Careers was formed and sponsored by Stockport Council Growth Team, Stockport Economic Alliance, Stockport Chamber of Commerce, and 3 Colleges, Aquinas, Cheadle & Marple, and Stockport.

Gander Careers is the facilitator of Employer Experiences for Students at those colleges. Those experiences include work-related seminars, mentoring, career sampling, workplace visits, employment advice, careers fairs, and further education pathways.

From inception to the end of the academic year 2018 Gander Careers has facilitated over 2,500 employer experiences for students at each of the 3 colleges and this will continue throughout the next 2 academic years as Gander Careers focuses on the Gatsby government initiative designed to create a stable careers program further promoting links between students and businesses.


  • 5 Categories of support: Business Support, Career Sampling, Career Support, Mentoring, Presentations

  • By Industry Sector

  • Managed Database of 134 Companies & Organisations

  • Colleges post individual opportunities 

  • E-mails to the database for relevant opportunities matched by industry and category

  • Growing database, so no pressure to commit every request

  • Gander Careers co-ordinates replies confirming details and arrangements

  • PR and Newsfeeds via Twitter, Website and Newsletter

– Simone Callaghan


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